• St Lawrence swim spa 13'

St Lawrence swim spa 13'

St Lawrence Swim Spa 13' 

The 13’ St. Lawrence swim spa is uncompromising in every way with both the 10’ swim zone and hydrotherapy seats, it is a perfect blend of performance and therapy.

Relax and enjoy one of five therapeutic areas including our stand-up massage.

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Powerful white water jet delivery system

  • The Current generator jets deliver a very powerful and continuous stream of water to aid a straight and level swim
  • 3  pumps deliver a flow of up to 2190 litres per minute plus an air injection for further pressure is delivered
  • A variety of control options allow you to configure the current to your personal preference and enjoyment

High Energy Efficiency

  • Using a thermal spring heat reclamation system
  • The Canadian Spa Company use a very unique combination of innovations to preventing heat loss and Recycling water to save money and energy
  • A 3.0 kW Balboa heater unit fitted with smart sensors will turn off heater as soon as it reaches its desired temperature
  • A High-quality, tough triple layer insulation with IR reflection and thermal transfer blocker package on the shell cabinet and base
  • Closed-cell high-density foam to prevent heat loss through the whole acrylic shell
  • 2 x bi-folding 5” / 3” hard top winter cover with secure locking safety straps
  • Fitted with a BALBOA Industry-leading control System, the manufacturer has an unsurpassed reputation for delivering reliable and quality spa components.

Build Quality

While many manufacturers scour the market for the best prices, the Canadian Spa Company build all their spas with only 

the best components.

Lucite Spa Shell with Microban

  • These shells incorporate strength and durability to withstand frequent use and Resistance to everyday wear and tear, Stains, and superficial scratches
  • UV Resistance as well as harsh weather, and many household chemicals with easy to care qualities for light cleaning
  • Microban® antimicrobial product protection to keep the spa cleaner between cleaning and a fade-resistant surface that feels comfortable against the skin

Spa structure

A fully supporting Galvanised steel frame that distributes weight evenly across the base of the spa with a ‘Marine grade’ timber base to prevent rot and pest infestation and a Maintenance free PVC ‘wood effect cabinet’ with no sanding or staining required, plus a strong reinforced fibreglass shell.

Spa Components

Aintegrated Balboa control system with a 3 kW Balboa heater and a topside digital control panel with 3 Custom designed pumps that all have 2.5” intakes giving the swim spa an increase in pressure to every pump and 2.5” large bore piping for an efficient flow and a Variety of interchangeable massage jets with different massage styles and easy grip jets allowing individual adjustment of pressure (arthritis-friendly) 6 air valves deliver a customised air injection into the water allowing an increased flow.


Canadian Spa Company Swim Spas are easier to maintain than an ordinary swimming pool

    The spa is always ready all year round, the hardtop cover prevents debris and insects from falling into the spa when your not using it, and when you are using it the spa’s skimmer basket catches debris entering the water and passes it into the filter, the Ozone is generated by the integral UV Ozonator which reduces the chemical consumption of the spa.

    Self Clean Spa

    Using the Canadian Spa ‘Mountain Pure™’ Auto cleaning water sanitation system with ozone purification means that water is filtered first before reaching critical components.

      200sq. -Ft membrane filter to sift contaminants from the water (recommend changing annually)

      Mazzi injected “slow flow” ozone system for effectiveness against bacteria

      All Canadian Spa Company Swim spa shells are made from Lucite® SPA with Microban®* which

      means your spa surface will stay cleaner between cleanings.

      * Microban protection inhibits the growth of bacteria on the surface of the spa.


      With a premium spa lighting package including 2  large underwater LED lights illuminating the body of water and a further 28 perimeter or waterline LED lights to enhance the spa ambience and back lit cascading waterfall LED lights

      and LED-lit ‘slow rising’ speakers, Cabinet corner LED lights with a touch controlled synchronised lighting and mood effect options in a variety of colours.


      with an iPod/MP3 enabled music system with 2 x Slow rising waterproof retractable speakers and a 3.5 mm connection sockets compatible with most MP3 players (standard headphone jack) Built-in high fidelity amplifier delivering high volume with clear acoustics and Dedicated waterproof compartment to house your MP3 player (compatible with larger MP3/smart phones)


      With an anti-entrapment system to disengage the pressure from the suction drains in the event they become fully covered

      The Canadian Spa Company uses powerful spa pumps (located away from the swimmer) to deliver tailored water flow as opposed to a propeller flow driven system which is less flexible in directing current, In a propeller-driven system the swimmer and propeller is in close proximity.


        • Electrical: 50 amp 
        • Weight: 2400 lbs (Dry),  13294 lbs (Filled)
        • Water Capacity: 5250 L
        • Size:  390 x 228 x 137 cm
        • Seat Count: 5
        • Jet Count: 39
        • Pump: 3 x 5 HP
        • Heater: 3 kW
        • Included: 5"/3" hard top cover, installed filter set & 3 tier spa steps.

      St Lawrence swim spa 13'St Lawrence swim spa 13'

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      St Lawrence swim spa 13'

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