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Spas & Saunas

Spas And Saunas

Spas and saunas have been a way of relaxing for many people and have been around for a long time, for years now we have longed for that relaxed feeling when we get home from our day jobs or a stressful day , it is human nature to want to unwind and relax, but not only that, it has become a pastime for the health of our bodies and mind, and whatever your favourite relaxation technique is I'm sure we have something that will do exactly what it is you want, it may be a nice soak in your Canadian Spa hot tub with the sweet smelling aromatherapy pods, or a relaxing swim in your swim spa and then a nice hot sauna just to finish things off. 

We are dealers for the Canadian spa company, and within our Spas and Saunas category, we have a huge range of hot tubs and saunas, as well as some fantastic swim spas which are priced according to your needs and delivery address as some installations need to be done with the use of a crane so we will make an effort to use a local crane company for the installation, take a look at our helpful guide if you would like some tips on what to look for.

Our spas and saunas are supplied with free mainland UK delivery, but if you live in the Scottish Highlands and you require a quote for your delivery then you can get in touch by filling in our contact us form and please include the product model number if you have a specific product to enquire about.

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