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Snooker Tables

The UK snooker scene has a lot more people playing snooker today in all the snooker halls and venues around the country, the game has been around for a long time now and is one of the most popular cue sports that is played around the world, you can almost always find some snooker on TV today with the amount of channels and networks that are available to us.

It was in 1875 when sir Neville Chamberlain was playing billiards with some other officers in the officer's mess when they decided to combine two Billiards games together to make the game of snooker, one was pyramid pool, which they would place all the balls in a triangle, and the object of the game was the first person to pocket half the balls was the winner, and all the other officers in the mess would bet on the outcome.

The second game was Black Pool or everlasting pool which was a form of pocket billiards and played with coloured balls, with as many balls as there were players and then a black ball which was placed on the centre spot, and the object of the game was to pot a coloured ball and then the black ball in order to maximise the money the other players would have to pay you.

From that time on the game of Snooker grew in popularity right across the UK, in fact, the name Snooker is also a military term used to describe an inexperienced, or first-year soldier, the fact that snooker was derived from billiards games might explain why the full-size Snooker Table, is so similar in many ways to its English Pool descendant, with its green napped cloth for snooker tables, its shaped cushions and the rounded edges in the mouth of the pockets, in fact, the only thing on a full-size table that is not similar is the size of the table itself, the dimensions of a full size snooker table should be an 11'8" x 5'10" playing surface, hence the term you are familiar with (6' x 12'), but actually, this makes perfect sense as when you think about it snooker is two billiards games combined together, so they had to make room for the extra balls somehow, right.

As for the size of the room to fit a full size table into, well, there's no need for a room size guide here, it's one size fits all, 22'0" x 16'0" that said, though, various size snooker cues are available to purchase for those tight spots where there is not quite enough room, or even if a child wanted to play.

Within our Snooker category you will find all of our Snooker Tables for sale and their related accessories, Some of our snooker tables on sale are listed with great savings or come as a bundle with the tables, while others are available to purchase independently, All with free mainland UK delivery, if you live in the Scottish Highlands and would like a quote for the delivery you can either fill out our contact us form or you can Email us directly at

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