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We are based in Essex and we have a lovely range of UK pool tables for sale for you to choose from, we are very lucky that the UK has the best pool tables and when you first decided to  buy a pool table for your Games room or your home, I bet you didn't realise just how many decisions you were going to have to make, whether you was going to look at English pool tables or American Pool tables for sale, the size you would need will vary on the size of the room you will be playing in, Regulation full size pool tables are only an option if you are a professional player in either competitions or league games, unless of course you are not worried about spending more money on a professional pool table, which also brings me to the reasons why you should not buy the cheapest pool table you can find, which is more of a quality issue rather than a financial one, if your pool table has a slate bed it is a good sign of a better quality table but this will raise the price you have to pay, UK pool table sizes do vary and are available as a 6ft pool table, 7ft pool table, 8ft pool table and even a 9ft pool table, some homes may have to buy a smaller pool table so that they can play pool in the room of their choice, you might have to consider buying a pool dining  table or a slate bed pool dining table which is the more expensive option or even an outdoor pool dining table, all of these options are a combination of pool table dining table and is a very convenient choice along with the options for a number of different size cues to help make fitting the pool table into your home a lot easier and less stressful, and there is a number of pool dining tables around to choose from or you could have a pool table dining top made to suit your own needs another option is an outside pool table which don't take up any space inside at all, please remember though to leave room for pool table accessories as you will need some place to store them safely while they are not being used for any length of time to avoid them bending or getting damp.

Once decided on the home pool table, remember to take into consideration any other equipment you intend to house in your Games room, it is very important because there is nothing more annoying than finishing your games room and realising that you cannot fit your new arcade game or pinball machine in because you forgot about it, our advice is to make a detailed plan and include every item that you want in that plan to make sure nothing is left out, and if the space in your home is not sufficient you might want to consider having a look at our exterior Games Rooms, that we can supply built to your very own specification, 

Another option you may have to take into consideration is your cabinet colour, most pool tables are available in many colours and finishes to suit your needs, black pool tables being the more traditional colour or would you prefer a more modern white pool table, for anybody choosing a pool table this is an option that should be thought about very carefully to make sure that your table is always going to blend in with your surroundings such as your decor, ornaments and other fixtures and fittings, also whether it is to be contemporary, traditional or modern in design, for some people it might be a better option to design your room around your Pool Table as you will not want to change your table every time you feel the urge to decorate, so just be a little cautious when choosing your cloth and cabinet colour.

Lighting is also something that you should take into consideration as shadows across the table can distort the view and affect your game, When your Table has been fitted we do recommend that you keep it covered when it is not in use, to avoid any accidental spills on the cloth or just to keep the dust off as this can alter the friction on the table and affect the ball control, and the more accurate your table plays the better your game will get, so now the Decor, The Lighting, and the installation is complete it is time to enjoy your new Pool Table, we have listed a few games that are easy to play on your new table a little further down the page.

We have been a pool table supplier, games room equipment, and leisure items since 1996 in the Brentwood, Essex area, formerly as Countryside Leisure Services, this was more of a side line to begin with and now with the power of the internet we have been able to build a fantastic website and increase the product range to include many more products and now we are able to deliver to mainland UK and the Scottish Highlands.

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