8 ft Pool Tables

8 ft Pool Tables

8 ft Pool Tables

Our 8 ft Pool Tables selection allows you to filter the results much easier and at the same time give you a complete list of all the 8 ft pool tables that we sell on our website, we know that choosing the right pool table is a big decision and not an easy one and with that in mind we have room size guide for you to check all the measurements required to house your pool table without any hassle.

We are available to answer any questions that you have in regards to purchasing the right pool table and if you want to get in touch then simply fill in our contact us form with your questions or give us a call on 01277-375892 

Room Size Guide

Pool Dining Table 8ft

Pool Dining Table This 8 ft English pool dining table is a fantastic combination of pool table din..

£3,499.00 Ex Tax: £2,915.83

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