Pool Dining Tables

Pool Dining Tables

Pool Dining Tables

Why would you not have a pool table that is also a dining table, Pool Dining Tables are becoming very popular in the modern home and are ideal as they save on space by having your Pool Table and your Dining Table as a combination of the two, pool table dining table Combination Pool tables whether English Pool or American Pool are built to high standards to ensure the quality of the pool dining table. English Pool Dining Tables are generally covered in the Green napped cloth, but many companies are now offering alternative colours to make the table more to your own personal taste, and 2" balls are normally used on an English Pool Table, the cushions are made with a slight angle so the ball contacts the cushion with more of the ball surface, the cushions are also cut differently in the pockets, by rounding the ends of the cushion, this tends to make the whole game a little more challenging.

The American Pool Dining Table is slightly different as it uses 2 1/4" Balls as opposed to the 2" balls that the English Pool Table uses, this, in turn, makes the balls heavier and the cushions have to be made at a larger angle to cut the impact point down as the heavier balls tend to travel a lot faster, although the cushions are cut straight in the pockets which makes potting the balls a little easier, but another aspect is the cloth itself, which for an American Pool Table is a different texture, and is not napped like the English Pool Table but smoother, so less friction on the ball allowing it to travel at a greater speed, so overall the American Pool Table is a lot faster gameplay.

Please make sure you check our room size guide to ensure you order the correct size table for your home or Games Room, We have also compiled a list of other games that you can play on your new Table so have a look at our pool tables category.

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Pool Dining Table 8ft

Pool Dining Table This 8 ft English pool dining table is a fantastic combination of pool table din..

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