Outdoor Pool Tables

Outdoor Pool Tables

Outdoor pool Tables

Outdoor Pool Tables are built to a higher standard than the normal English or American Pool Tables, and are built using materials that make them completely waterproof, and allows them to be stored and used outside, which extends your home out to the patio or Games Room, Outside Pool Tables are generally manufactured with materials such as Aluminium, Stainless Steel, and with high-density composite Playing surfaces, the pockets are generally drop pockets to avoid the build-up of water inside the table, the pocket mouths are cut in the same way as the standard Tables, with the American Outdoor Pool Table having straight ones, and the English Outdoor Pool Table having rounded ones, The cloth is also made to similar specifications than the standard tables but with the exception of it being completely waterproof.

Have a look at our room size guide if you want to use your table in your house to make sure you have enough space.

Although some of the accessories that come with the Outdoor Pool Tables are also completely waterproof, it is advisable to store them elsewhere so as they don't get damaged or mislaid, 

There are some different types of games you can play on your Outdoor Pool Table depending on which type of balls you select for your table, and we have included some links to these games on our Pool Tables category page.

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