Full Size Snooker Tables

Full Size Snooker Tables

Full Size Snooker Tables

Full size snooker tables require a lot of space to be able to play the game correctly without any hindrance and we know that this is not always the case, the actual size of the room that is required is 21'9" x 15'9" now this is a very large room for some houses, and we know you cannot always fit things in, although you do have some options with the size of the cues you buy, so not all hope is lost, you may be able to shave some inches off the room size by using shorter cues for all the shots that are taken from against or near the cushions, so do your homework beforehand to avoid any problems you may have after your snooker table has been installed.

We do have a handy room size guide for you to check those all important measurements against.

The full description is available on the product page itself so please feel free to browse our site, we do have a lot more helpful information on here, you may find helpful and we are very happy to help in any way possible, if you have any questions regarding our full-size snooker tables you can contact us by filling in the contact us form.

Room Size Guide

Rayleigh 12ft Full Size Snooker Table

Rayleigh 12ft Full Size Snooker TableProfessional full-size 12ft x 6ft slate bed snooker table. Manu..

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