American Pool Tables

American Pool Tables

American Pool Tables are generally larger in size than their English colleagues and are mostly 8ft or 9ft in size, with the 9ft Pool Table being the official regulatory size that is more widely used in the professional competitions and events, although smaller sizes are available to purchase in the UK as our room sizes are not as large as most American homes, you can check our room size guide to see which size table will fit in your home or Games Room,

American Pool Tables have a much larger playing surface than the English Tables, and generally use the larger 2 1/4" Spots and Stripes Pool Balls, in turn, the pockets have to be made larger too, these are designed differently to the English Pool Tables, the mouth of the pockets are cut straight as opposed to rounded on the English Pool Tables, making the shot almost a sure thing if the ball enters the mouth of the pocket, opposed to the English Table as the deflection can change at various points of the pocket and make the shot harder, the cloth covered rubber cushion on the American Pool Tables are more triangular and sharper in shape to give you a smaller area to deflect the ball, the cloth is also different to the one used on English Pool tables, it has a smoother appearance and less table to ball friction which helps the larger balls to travel the length of the table with ease, 

The other factor in purchasing an American Pool Table is the cue you will use, the cues used for American Pool, English Pool and Snooker are very different in size, weight, and shape,

There are some different types of games you can play on your American Pool Table and we have included some links to these games on our Pool Tables category page.

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