About Us

Our Journey

Our journey started purely when we were established in the leisure industry as a side line to our landscaping business in 1996 selling leisure items to people we knew, friends of friends in the Brentwood area of Essex, back then we were trading under the CLS logo, simply meaning Countryside Leisure Services, this side line continued to grow to include a vast range of items to benefit our customers, as with any business it has had its fair share of ups and downs, and creating a website for our business to flourish has always been in our mind, just being able to help people get exactly what they require is a major part of why we do what we do.
Now, after a long time, the website is now a reality and has taken up a lot of time and continues to do so, just to make sure that all our customers are satisfied with the products and the services that we supply or provide, and at the same time, this has enabled us to extend our reach to cover mainland UK, and now many more of our customers can enjoy the same quality products we supply, although we do not have any intentions to expand any further than this at this moment in time, but never say never.
We recognise the importance of supplying the highest quality and crafted products that will last, but at the same time we perfectly understand the value for money principle, and we will continue to keep our prices as keen as we can, which the online community helps us to do with keeping our expenditures to a minimum.
Our list of products that we supply is also growing and continues to do so, and we have some very exciting new products coming soon to the website to help us stay in front and continue to be good at what we do.
We would like to extend our thanks to all of our customers, past and present for their continued support.